Learn how to do 'super' hairstyles for rainy days

You know that rainy day when you can't imagine how your hair will “survive”? So it is. We know how complicated it is not to worry about your hair on rainy days, because we already worry normally, don't we? For further details, go here: hairstyles for rainy days

On rainy days it is more difficult to get your hair styled and leave it “tamed”. That's because on rainy days, the humidity is higher and this makes the frizz even more pronounced, as well as the volume of the hair, which tends to increase.

Our most special tip is: use hairstyles. This is certainly a way to face the rainy days with vigor and courage and keep your hair beautiful.


The best hairstyle for rainy days is one that holds the entire length of the hair, thus avoiding volume. Check out some options below:


Undoubtedly, a bun is the quickest and easiest option to make and can be used by women of any age and on different occasions. You can do more bun up with a handkerchief, for example, in a donut-style bun.

side braid

If you do not like to leave your hair fully up, the option is to make a side braid that is charming and can be done in various types of hair. This hairstyle prevents moisture and prevents the hair from becoming armed. Use common braids, herringbone, French or several other options, choosing the one that suits you and your style, in addition to the occasion.


The ponytail hairstyle is classic! Who has never worn a ponytail to throw the first stone, right? Fasten it tight in a high or low tail and get out with this super practical hairstyle. But beware: you should use an anti-frizz product to prevent the moisture from ruining the hairstyle, as the hair is loose at the ends, right?

another tip

If you like something more modern and laid-back and the occasion allows for a look like this, you can tie your hair in a medium ponytail, and leave it a little messy, loosening some strands at the top.

It looks beautiful, don't you think?

Girls, in addition to hairstyle tips, it is also important to remember that, to be beautiful, hair must be hydrated and well cared for, right? If your hair is dry, the chance of being negatively affected on rainy days is even greater.

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